Energy Efficiency Injection Moulding Machine



  • Low Pressure Mould Protection
  • Unique 5 Point Toggle Mechanism With Graphite Impregnated Oil Less Bushes.
  • Mechanical Electrical Safety Gate Interlock
  • Multi Stage Control Of Pressure Speed & Position Of Mould Close Open
  • Wear Resistant Track Of Moveable Platen (upto 75 tons)
  • Automatic Central Labrication System For Clamping unit
  • Motorised Mould Height Adjustment
  • Chrome Plated tie bar

  • injection unit device (IMN Series)
  • injection unit bed support device (IMG Series)
  • Dual Cylinder for the stroke of injection unit (IMG Series)
  • Multi Stage Installation of injection, holding & refilling Speed, pressure & position
  • efficient plasticizing device with strong torque motor
  • melt decompression (Such Back) before and after plasticizing to prevent device
  • screw cold start prevention device
  • general purpose nitride screw & barrel
  • back pressure control device on injection unit
  • proprortional hydraulics

  • Hydraulic Oil Temperature Upper Limit Alarm
  • Easy Reachable Electric & Hydraulic Components
  • Rigit & Analysed SGI Cast Platens
  • for batter process control available in various size of screw & barrel
  • digit I/O Display on screen
  • Moulding Data memory
  • Hydraulic enjection with selection of multiple stroke
  • statistical process control of various parameter like fill position & time, refill time, refill end pposition, cycle time,

  • T-slot platen
  • Core pulling
  • Hopper drier / loader
  • Auto tonnage system
  • variable displacement pump
  • Unscrewing device
  • Brimettalics Screw & Barrel
  • Air Ejection
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